Predictive Projectiles in Baltica

The New Direction This update is a little different than what we have done up to now. This marks a small change of content on the blog, which will from this post be more in-depth about Baltica’s development and focused toward other developers more than our core audience. With that out of the way: we’re […]

Alpha 1.0 & NameGen

A long awaited update! We have completed a milestone with our alpha build, where building, path finding and worker management are all implemented. First up, you can check out the Baltica name generator! The generator is a representation of how town name generation works in-game. You will of course be able to re-roll, or even […]

First playtest

We had our first two playtests of Baltica last week, one internal and one public. We gathered a lot of important feedback, which will make Baltica an intuitive and responsive experience for all levels of player seniority. When public closed beta eventually goes live, this will be the place we announce it! Can’t wait to […]


Models and animations have landed in the kingdom of Baltica. Oh, and we have a logo now! Currently, we’re prioritizing making the artificial stupidity less stupid, while we try to keep the feature creep in check. Meanwhile, our artists have been working hard on delivering to you a box- and cylinder-free experience. Feast your eyes!

Artificial Stupidity (2/?)

Some more visuals are in place, and the workers now both build, and haul resources (Which with these graphics amount to moving from the resource buildings, down to the white squares representing warehouses) ArchenShire is coming along, and next on the agenda is UI implementation, as sorting out the building system is up next. Behind […]